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Tips For Kicking Your Smoking Habit

Things have changed enormously since the days when tobacco companies got real doctors to endorse their products. Ever since the 1950s, study after study have confirmed the dangers of smoking tobacco. And no reputable charity, government agency or health company disputes the science. In fact, not even the tobacco companies themselves, after the famous Philip Morris trial in the USA, deny their products are harmful.

Yet many people remain desperate to give up the habit. Very few individuals who smoke are happy with what they’re doing and want to continue forever. But, of course, giving up is difficult because nicotine is chemically-addicting. There are, however, ways to make the whole process a heck of alot easier and more fulfilling.

Write Down Why You Want To Quit

Many people find that writing down why they’re quitting is helpful. Taking the time to write down why you are stopping helps to articulate better your reasons for doing so. Perhaps you’ve just had a child. You don’t want that child to have to grow up without a parent. And you don’t want to damage that child’s health through passive smoking, or be a bad role model so that they take up the habit themselves. Writing these reasons down, and then referring to them later, can help keep you on track through the hardest moments.

Often, many people that smoke are just terrified about what smoking means to their health in the long term. They don’t want to die twenty or thirty years prematurely. So they’re motivated to quit by the fact that they no longer need to worry about what invisible damage they’re doing to their health.

Use Alternatives

One of the downsides of nicotine patches and gum is that they don’t substitute for your smoking habit perfectly. You’re not holding anything in your hand or putting anything in your mouth that quite emulates a cigarette.

So it’s no surprise that recently, the UK E-liquid market has been booming. More and more people are turning to vaping as a healthier alternative to old-fashioned tobacco smoking. Of course, vaping doesn’t get rid of the smoking habit. You still have an object you hold in your hand and put in your mouth. But it relieves the user of having to give up this go-to entirely.

The habit remains, but the health risks are lowered.

Deal With Root Causes

At the root of most smoking habits is an emotional problem. Many smokers have a need to use cigarettes to escape the world and their troubles. In effect, smoking becomes a way to feel normal again.

That’s why taking it away is so difficult. It’s painful to lose something that provides so much solace or has done so in the past.

But smoking is never going to solve the problem of emotional pain itself. It’s only ever going to mask it temporarily.

That’s why it’s so important to deal with the root causes of the habit through therapy. By engaging in therapy, you’re effectively recognising that the habit you have is far broader than the mere act of smoking. It’s just one part of a nexus of problems that, if addressed, will improve your life enormously.

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