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The Perfect Chest Workout For Losing Your Man Boobs

If you want to get rid of your man boobs, there are plenty of good chest exercises you can follow. But it’s all about your preference. If you are a skinny person, building chest muscles is not that difficult task. You have plenty of exercise options that include cable crossovers, dumbbell flys, push-ups, bench presses etc. But when it comes to someone with man boobs, developed chest muscles may not be as easy as you would assume. As we all know, man boobs are embarrassing as it shows that you are out of shape. So we understand why you want to get rid of your man boobs.

The choices before you


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As stated earlier, there are so many exercise options before you like the decline push up pictured above. But it’s about the best one suited for your body. When it comes to dumbbell flys, pushups and bench-presses, they are not effective for overlaying layer of fat. They are only good at developing the chest muscles underneath. If you have the habit of reading men’s health magazines, you may have come across specially designed exercise routines for each body part, be it legs, abdomen, chest, arms etc. However, let me break it to you – focusing only on a certain body part won’t yield much result of getting rid of the fat. Or in other words, spot-reduction is just a myth. If you want to develop chest muscles, you need to focus on getting rid of overall fat as well. Otherwise, your plans won’t work.

Your genes play a big part

As far as getting rid of excess fat from a particular body part, your genes play a big part. When it comes to doing exercise for losing chest fat, your genes might play a big part in choosing the body part to start with. You may initially start burning fat from your buttocks and thighs. And you will start losing weight on other body parts like chest and abdomen only later. This is something you need to keep in mind while doing exercise.

Overall weight loss is important

The gist of the argument is that you need to focus on overall weight loss if you want to lose fat in your abdomen or chest. You need to choose exercises that are effective in getting rid of general body fat. There are plenty of exercises you can think of – be it running, cycling, swimming or cardiovascular exercises. The idea is to start pumping your heart and open your lungs. If you are sweating then you are on the right track.

Other important factors

If you want to get rid of your man boobs, it is important, consider the frequency and intensity of your workout as these two factors can be crucial. Once you have gotten rid of the overall body fat, you can start focusing on your chest. How long you work out for plays an important role here. If you increase the intensity, you can walk away with results in a fast manner. Getting rid of your man boobs is not a difficult task as long as you are determined. The only thing is that it requires extra input from your side.

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