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Surprise Findings As Scots Trail-Blaze Alcohol Free Drinking

It has long been thought that non-alcoholic beers were just for display.

But this year, a new survey has said there have been a lot of converts. Answers to a recent poll show that more and more people are reaching for the guily-free tipple.

In fact, nearly half of Brits (43%) have already tried it – this includes 54% of British men.

Leading the hordes of converts are men across Scotland, with one in two having tried non-alcoholic beer – at 6% above the national figures.

I can say cheers to that!

Alcohol-free beers have never really been on the menu or on the shopping list at the off license – or so I thought.

All in all, it seems that there is an increase in interest regarding non-alcoholic beverages.

This could be the reason why AB InBev’s sales of Beck’s Blue outside of licensed premises have gone up by a staggering 20%.

A spokesperson for the brand states that they offer the product as a commitment to responsible drinking.

Although a noble cause, it seems that there is also genuine consumer demand for the product.

With sales looking up, I wonder which breweries will be next? Low fat cider anyone? Slim line bitter?

Maybe the nation is just trying to keep its beer belly in check – we all know a standard pint can weigh heavy on the scales.

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