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Quick Hacks To Improve Your Fitness Fast

We all want an athletic, powerful body. But getting one is a time-consuming process that requires dedication. So perhaps not all of us have the time or energy to do it.

If only there was an easier way. The truth is that there is. Getting a good level of fitness is orders of magnitude easier than getting a great degree of fitness. That’s because as you climb the fitness curve, marginal improvements become increasingly difficult. Running a 6-minute mile is achievable for most people. Running a 5-minute mile requires at least a year of dedication and training. And running a 4-minute mile is practically impossible unless you dedicate your life to the pursuit.

Here are some quick hacks that improve your fitness fast.

Walk To Work

It doesn’t take much to stimulate your cardiovascular system. Just a quick walk to work every day will do a lot to improve your fitness and control your weight.

Many of the longest-lived people in the world swear by the benefits of a daily walk. And the evidence that walking is good for you seems to back them up.

Switch To Vaping

Everybody knows that smoking makes you less fit. But swapping out the tobacco for e liquid is a quick way to resolve that problem. Over recent weeks, medical establishments have finally admitted that vaping is one of the best tools we have to defeat smoking.

Play With Your Kids

As all parents know, kids are full of energy. It’s time to piggyback off some of that energy. Go to the park with them and play a game of football. Or join in with them when they’re playing in the garden.

Increase Your Intensity

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A lot of people do the same low-intensity training day after day, year after year. Yes, they’re fitter than the average Joe. But they don’t seem to be making improvements. Their body has adapted to the stimulus and no longer gets a signal telling it an improvement is necessary.

But you can bust through plateaus by increasing your intensity. Instead of going out for an extended, one-hour bike ride, do twelve sprints. It might not sound like a lot, but it will force your body to adapt to a new stimulus. And this is what will ultimately improve your fitness.


Squash has a bit of a reputation for being intense. It allegedly burns 10 percent more calories than any other sport. But why is squash so effective? It probably comes down to the fact that squash engages multiple fitness systems. It requires you to have rapid reaction times, stimulating your nervous system. It requires that you can play long rallies, putting a strain on your heart and lungs. It requires that you are flexible, challenging your muscles. And it requires that you can change direction quickly, testing your balance.

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Get A Dog

Those who own dogs are 77 percent more likely to get the exercise that they need that those that don’t. So team up with man’s best friend and get your dog to give you a work out.

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