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Health Tips To Get You Swimsuit Ready

It’ll soon be swimsuit season, and there’s nothing more terrifying than looking in the mirror one morning and not feeling ready to face the beach or pool. Being swimsuit ready doesn’t mean looking ultra skinny. It means getting to a place you feel most comfortable! With that in mind, these health tips will help you on your way to feeling awesome in your swimsuit:



Drink Loads of Water

Drinking water doesn’t just keep you hydrated. It helps to flush out toxins and excess fat, so you should drink plenty of it every single day. If you struggle to do this, carry a big bottle with you so you remember to drink from it. Ideally, you should aim for 2-3 litres, maybe even 4 if you’re exercising enough. You can also have coffee, green/matcha tea, and other herbal teas. You just need to stay away from milky, sugary drinks. You shouldn’t be drinking your calories!

Keep an Eye on What You Eat

You don’t necessarily need to go on a strict diet, but you should be keeping an eye on what you eat at least. Are you making sure you’re getting your 5 a day? Are you limiting your treats and junk food? Make sure you’re eating mostly healthy foods and you’ll feel and look amazing.

Take Good Care of Your Skin

There’s no excuse for neglecting your skin, especially when it’s nearly time to get your swimsuit out! Starting at least a few weeks in advance will make sure it glows and looks its best when it’s time to hit the beach or pool. You must exfoliate, moisturise, and apply an SPF to protect it. As long as you get into a good routine, your skin will look healthy and glowing.

Get Some Regular Exercise

Find a form of exercise you really like to do and fit it into your routine regularly. A gym membership somewhere like 247 gym can help, as you’ll feel motivated and have lots of equipment to play with. However, you can also take classes. You don’t even need a gym if you like to exercise outdoors! Resistance training is great for getting a ‘toned’ look, while cardio can be good for burning fat providing you go for intensity over distance.

Buy Swimsuits That Flatter Your Figure

Buying the right kind of swimsuit for your figure can instantly flatter you and make you look your best. A different style could make you look pounds lighter, so make sure you know your body type and what flatters it.

Start Loving Your Body

The key to being swimsuit ready is confidence. That means loving your body whatever stage it’s at right now! If you don’t love your body, you can’t expect anybody else to. Start seeing yourself as a whole rather than focusing on things you don’t like. Fill yourself with positive self talk. It’ll take practice, but you’ll get there!

Hopefully you’ve enjoyed these tips and they’ve given you some ideas to get swimsuit ready this summer. Not long to wait now!

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