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Getting Older: How To Keep Yourself Safe, Secure And Healthy At Home

As we get older, we may find certain tasks start to become a lot harder. This results in us needing to change areas of our home, to make them more age-friendly. We also have to get creative with our health, and exercise. It’s a tough time, and can be even tougher to realise that your youth is drifting away.

That being said, it can be made easier. There are a number of simple, easy-to-implement things you can do around your home to make the age transition a bit more comfortable. So, if you’re looking for advice, here are some ways to stay healthy, safe and secure around the house as you get older.

Gardening and housework

Certain physical activities, like football and weightlifting, are generally associated with younger enthusiasts. As you get older, you have to find different ways of keeping fit and staying active. You need to take up hobbies that involve movement, but aren’t too physically demanding.

Your two answers could be housework, and gardening. Even vacuuming your stairs is a quick five-minute workout for virtually your whole body, using your arms and your legs. Gardening allows you to get a blast of fresh air and soak up that golden sunlight. You can even join various gardening clubs and communicate with other people with similar hobbies.

You might be too old to run about after a ball, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be as fit as anyone else!

Age-related equipment

Getting around and operating your home will become more difficult, and that’s where special equipment comes in. From handrails to electric recliner chairs to stairlifts, there are no shortage of gadgets to help you out around the home.

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You can even alter existing appliances and features, like your bathroom, to fit your needs. Your toilet could be fitted with a handrail and your bath could be fitted with a doorway.

Non-slip flooring

You will have to take steps to reduce the likelihood of you falling. If you land on the floor, you may find it a struggle to get back up again, and help may be a while off. So, installing non-slip flooring can help you keep your feet and stay level.

Think carpets, and non-slip mats in your bathroom and kitchen. Avoid surfaces like laminate, marble or anything highly polished. Wear slippers and footwear that has a lot of grip, and don’t rush when you move about.

Keep essential items easy to reach

Your mobility will be reduced, so you don’t want to place your keys, phone or wallet out of reach. Keep these things close by you so you can access them quickly. Wear a satchel or bag if necessary, so you can keep everything in one place. You may find it easier to get to sleep if you know that all your valuables are just a short reach away.

Coping with age doesn’t have to be strenuous, or difficult. Enlist the help of your friends and loved ones if necessary! You will always have support, and that extends to your home, too. Properly preparing yourself for every outcome will allow you to enjoy a peaceful, safe and healthy retirement when the time comes.

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