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Get Moving in 2015 with a New Exercise Regime

The excesses of Christmas are now well and truly past, with turkey dinners and afternoons spent on the sofa cramming in Quality Streets from the huge tin now happy memories. With 2015 in full swing, why not think about starting a new exercise regime, to energise and motivate you through the cold winter months!

Exercise your Mind and Body

Celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, with her enviably slender frame, rave about the wonders of Pilates and yoga. Both low impact exercise regimes work to calm and de-stress the body and mind, providing a perfect break from the busy working week and allowing you some ‘me’ time to recharge your batteries.


What is Pilates?

An exercise regime developed to lengthen, strengthen and tone your muscles, Pilates is ideal for all ages and all levels of fitness. The routines can be customised to suit anyone’s needs, and lead to increased energy levels, stronger muscles and better posture and flexibility. All you need to get started is a yoga or Pilates mat, and some determination!

Of course, like with any other form of specialist exercise, you will need to be guided carefully thought the processes first. Why not pop into our Pilates Studio? The Ivana Daniell studio is said to have the best Pilates Chelsea has to offer… so why not give us a try?


What is Yoga?

In Sanskrit, yoga means ‘union’. Originating in India, yoga usually refers to the union of mind, body and spirit, drawing together 5 basic principles: exercise, relaxation, diet, breathing and positive thinking and meditation. It is a workout for both body and mind and can be as intensive or relaxed as you choose. Yoga involves a variety of poses, best learnt under the watchful eye of an expert instructor, which involve stretching and toning the whole body, leading to increased flexibility, strength and a stabilising of the entire body. It is a great choice for those looking to add meditation and relaxation to their exercise regime this year!


Movement Therapy

For those with limited mobility or winter aches and pains, movement therapy is the ideal solution. Usually covering a range of techniques including Pilates, Core Align and the Alexander Method, movement therapists can advise and assist on a range of health problems, by providing a customised program for the individual. Long days spent in sedentary activities, such as sitting at a desk, can lead to back and joint pain – this is where movement therapy can be of help. Always look for a qualified movement therapist with experience in treating clients; there are a number of Pilates studios in London who offer this service.


Aerobic Exercise

It’s important to make sure that you get some aerobic exercise, whether you enjoy walking, running, cycling, and swimming or aerobics classes. We should all try to take 20-60 minutes of aerobic exercise, 3-5 times a week for best results. It’s important to choose an activity you enjoy and will stick at, as well as something that burns calories and works up a sweat! Always consult your doctor before undertaking any kind of exercise program. You may find it easiest to join a running or swimming club, exercising with others who will help to motivate you.

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