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Find Out How To Lead A Healthier Lifestyle Without Going Cold Turkey!

It’s no big secret that people have many vices in life. We often get told how we need to give up doing the things we take for granted so that we can lead a healthier lifestyle. But, have you ever noticed how hard it is to go “cold turkey”?

I don’t know about you, but I just cutting off doing the things you probably shouldn’t do so much in life is a bad idea. The good news is that it’s possible to keep doing them and lead a better life! How? Let me give you a few examples to illustrate just what I mean:

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Arguably one of the “worst” vices anyone could have is smoking. We all know how bad smoking is, right? It’s one of the leading causes of lung cancer, and it’s an expensive habit. And when we’re addicted to smoking, we’re just accelerating those negative connotations.

Many people have tried and failed to give up smoking over the years. It’s just a temptation that many of us find hard to resist! So, what is it that smokers can do about such an unhealthy pastime?

Well, as you know going cold turkey isn’t the answer. But there are a couple of things you could try! The first is to limit the amount you smoke each day. During the times when you need to have a break, try to do something else instead of smoking. For example, you could go for a walk or do something that takes up your total concentration and focus.

Another is to invest in some e-cigarettes. The beauty of them is that you still get your nicotine fix. But, you don’t harm your body as much as you do with your conventional smoking habits. There are many an electronic cigarette shop that you can buy from, so you don’t have to worry about where to get them.

It’s worth using standard and e-cigarettes so that you can “wean” yourself off the conventional ones over time.


Like smoking, alcohol can be addictive for some people. But, did you know that moderate drinking can be good for you? Some studies have even shown that infrequent wine drinking can be good for your health, believe it or not!

One of the easiest ways to cut down on your drinking is to opt for non-alcoholic wine and beer. Another strategy is to make every second drink something like soda or water. That way, you’ll still drink something, except it doesn’t have to be alcoholic all the time!


There are so many options available when it comes to food, we seldom realize that some of the things we eat are bad for us. You might not know it, but many “healthy” foods are high in fat, salt and sugar.

Rather than eating “boring” food every day, consider going on a calorie-controlled diet. Make sure it’s one where you lose weight over a long period. A drastic change in your eating habits can make you ill!

Before you consume any food, be sure to check the amount of fat, salt and sugar in it. Yes, it might be low calories. But if the things you want to eat have excessive amounts, it can be just as bad as eating something with a high calorific value.

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