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Common Mistakes that Ruin Meditation Practice

Since the discovery of the benefits to the human brain that come from meditation, the popularity of this practice has gradually increased. As much as it is practiced by people from all walks of life, very many people face various challenges and the final results do not please them. Lack of happy results can trigger frustrations and disappointments especially if you are unaware of how to fix the situation. A beginners guide to meditation tries to cover the common mistakes that hinder people from enjoying the best results are:


  • There is no clarity; many people think that all that meditation needs is a quiet time alone. But in reality all they do is divert their mind elsewhere. Your mind is responsive to what you pay attention to. To get a clear picture before meditating, you need to bring all your attention to goal. Have a discipline that for the next, say, 20 minutes, you want to focus on meditation on a certain issue. You should try to avoid thinking about something else during meditation.
  • Posture taken during meditation; if you want to concentrate on meditation practice, you should sit upright during this practice. Although you can meditate while lying down, it can’t be encouraged as it is very easy to fall asleep.
  • The surrounding environment does not support proper meditation; just like doing exercises, gaining your goal on meditation does not come overnight, it needs a lot of practice. When starting out on meditation, it should not be made a very difficult task. You should choose to meditate in quiet places with no disturbances. Maybe as you gain experience in meditation, you might be able to meditate even in noisy places or when there is some music playing. Also the place of your choice should have favorable temperature. I.e. not so hot neither so cold otherwise you may be unable to meditate properly.
  • If the timing is wrong; many beginners tend to embark on meditation when they have completed all other tasks, but sooner than later they start falling asleep. Should you fall asleep, you should stop meditating, take a nap for a while then meditate after waking up. Also you can take a walk as you meditate. If you know you fall asleep during certain time of the day, you should try other hours to ensure that you fully concentrate on the meditation. Also, when you start meditation, you ought to avoid receiving any call or texts because they are likely to ruin your focus.
  • People who meditate are not consistent; meditation beginners are not consistent in the meditation process. You need to slot in a certain time of the day where you will only meditate with no other activities. This helps in going to meditation more faster and realizing your results more faster.

Having covered the above mentioned common mistakes, it is a beginners guide to meditation and when embarking on the meditation practice.

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