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An Easy Guide To Taking Your Cycling Workout Seriously

Getting on your bike is a great way of getting a workout. It builds stamina, strengthens your heart and helps you lose weight. It also helps as part of a regime strengthening your core, legs and even your arms. That’s why so many people use it as a workout. However, there’s cycling as a healthy means of transport and there’s taking it seriously as a workout. This article will help you with the latter.

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Your lifestyle

If you plan on taking cycling seriously, then you better also plan on making real changes to your life fitness wise. For one, you need to start hydrating properly. Working out while dehydrated will drastically reduce your results. Not to mention, make it an all-round less pleasant experience. You should also cut out any behaviour that will reduce your lung capacity, like smoking. After all, biking takes a lot of proper breathing.

Your diet

You should also be paying proper attention to your diet. A lot of people make the mistake of just reducing as much as they can when dieting. However, that won’t help you when it comes time to ride. Get your complex carbohydrates so you have energy. Amino acids and proteins will help your muscles recover properly after a cycle. If you can’t fit them into your food plan, supplements can help replace them.


Your safety

Bicycle accidents are unfortunately frequent. That’s why you need to take measures to prevent being one of them. Wear high visibility gear wherever you are. Keep yourself focused on the road you’re cycle and indicate properly. Safety equipment like gloves, helmets and padding can protect you in the event you get involved in a nasty spill, too.

Your money

A proper workout regime costs money and cycling is no different. As far your diet goes, eggs and tuna are cheap sources of protein you’ll undoubtedly be relying on. The bike itself can be particularly expensive, too. However, bicycle insurance can help with that. At least, if you suffer an injury or damage to your bike, you won’t be throwing the money invested down the drain. Whatever you do, however, don’t skimp on your safety gear. That’s one area that money shouldn’t be a concern.


Your bike

But what about the actual bike itself? What kind of bike should you be using for your workout? Well, naturally, it depends. The best bike for you mostly on where you plan on taking it for your workout. Road bikes with narrower wheels are best for travelling on roads, naturally. Going off-road, however, might call for a mountain bike. Recreational bikes are likely not going to be very good for sustain biking workouts.

Your workout

An important part of using a bike as a workout is actually developing a workout for it. This means a schedule and a route that takes into account fitness values. Find a route specific for what you want to do. Hilly altitudes will help you build muscle and burn fat quick. Longer, more sustained roads will help you develop stamina and provide great cardio. Make a real schedule and stick to it to turn your bike ride into a work out.

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