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Pregnancy Discrimination : UK Employment Compensation Claims

Workplace discrimination affecting pregnant women in the United Kingdom is more commonplace than many would think. Thousands upon thousands of pregnant women are terminated each year or continue to work and face difficulties in the workplace caused by their pregnancy. This can take an emotional toll on women already ... read more

UK Surveyors & Valuers Professional Negligence

To prove a claim for professional negligence against a professional person it is necessary to show that there exists a duty of care between the parties which is usually satisfied by the normal client relationship and to show that negligence has occurred, which in its simplest of terms means ... read more

Learning about Your Upcoming Operation Online

Undergoing any kind of medical treatment can be frightening if you are not sure what is going to happen to you. You want to have some sort of information beforehand so that you can adequately prepare for your procedure. When you want as many details as possible about your ... read more
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