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Get Moving in 2015 with a New Exercise Regime

The excesses of Christmas are now well and truly past, with turkey dinners and afternoons spent on the sofa cramming in Quality Streets from the huge tin now happy memories. With 2015 in full swing, why not think about starting a new exercise regime, to energise and motivate you ... read more

Gaining Inner Peace with Meditation

For some people, meditation is a form of being able to reflect upon their life, and the choices they have made throughout their life. It offers an opportunity to clear the mind, and to gain inner peace and strength to move forward in life in a more positive light. ... read more

Why You Should Try Pilates in 2015

What is Pilates? Created by Joseph Pilates in the early 1900s, this exercise system will help you to develop ‘core strength’, leading to increased energy levels, more flexibility, better posture, balance and muscle tone. Focusing on lengthening and strengthening the whole body, Pilates has become increasingly popular with Hollywood ... read more